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The founder of the pilates method - Joseph Pilates 1961

Joseph Pilates – © I.C.Rapoport, 1961



Icon Pilates are Boutique studios and work by appointment only.

On the machines we work in small groups (3 Max), duet or in an Intensive, so we can offer hands on personalized attention.

In Icon Pilates you will be trained by Internationally Certified Instructors from the Pilates Centre of Las Vegas directed by Elena Bartley actual trainer for Cirque du Soleil.

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Super proud of Richard and Alina, excellent pilates teachers internationally certified by Pilates Center of Las Vegas.
Their students are amazing, an honor to be with you.

Elena Bartley

Pilates Centre of Las Vegas

 Benefits & Features

  • Improve posture
  • Relief from back pain
  • Increases strength and stamina without muscle bulk
  • Improves balance, co-ordination and flexibility
  • Helps recovery and prevent further injury recurring
  • No pain and plenty of gain.
  • And of course with a good focused workout you will sleep better too.

More Information

At Icon Pilates we work with the original Pilates method knowing it has been tried and tested for over 90 years and it is proved to tone and strengthen the body effectively. Originally developed at the turn of last century and refined over a period of 40 years, the principals and mechanics of the exercise hold true under the scrutiny of modern exercise science. Joseph Pilates, the founder of the method called it Contrology; learning to bring our bodies under the perfect control of the mind. “Ideally, our muscles should obey our will. Reasonably our will should not be dominated by the reflex action of our muscles.” J.H Pilates.  See our blog Personal Training with Pilates – effective and trusted 90 year history.



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